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Magnificent Obsession



00:00:10 Global debut on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts this Good Friday, April 7th at 3:00 PM.
00:00:20 Hello and welcome to the maiden historic edition of the Magnificent Obsession.
00:00:26 Let me begin by wishing you a magnificent Good Friday and a fabulous resurrection weekend.
00:00:33 I think I need to tell you before we go ahead that there’s a.
00:00:36 Reason for this?
00:00:37 Broadcast. There are so many broadcasts, and so many options, but my overriding ambition and desire is that I want you to see Jesus.
00:00:48 In John Chapter 12 verse 21, some Greeks came to Philip and they asked them we want to see Jesus, Hebrews, chapter 2, verse 9.
00:00:58 The first few words says, but we see Jesus, Galatians 3 Paul rebuking the Galatian Christians. He was Christ not evidently set forth.
00:01:08 Before you.
00:01:10 You saw him graphically on the cross.
00:01:14 And trust in God that you will see Jesus fall in love with Jesus for who he is, for what is done for us, for what is doing for us right now at the right hand of power, on high, and for whom he will be to us in the ages to come. So if one person.
00:01:34 If one person in the whole wide world falls in love with Jesus as a consequence of this broadcast, my whole life would make sense. Thank you again for joining me. Let’s begin our meditation today.
00:01:48 Now today is Good Friday.
00:01:51 Would mark the day that the blood of Jesus was shared for all of mankind, and I think it’s strategic that the Lord has led me to start this broadcast on Good Friday because roughly three years ago the Lord led me to begin an altar of incense prayer ministry that ushers the Saints.
00:02:10 Into the very presence of God, where they can be transformed, where they can touch and be touched by the grace of God, and we begin these broadcasts as it rides into cyberspace on the wings of the Holy Spirit. On this day that Jesus shared his blood on that.
00:02:30 Old, crooked, cruel and rugged cross. It began like any other day.
00:02:38 Depending on who you.
00:02:40 It was a glorious day if we were part of the religious elites, the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and the doctors of the law.
00:02:48 It was a great day for you, because this unlettered preacher, this rabble-rouser, this guy that just made you guys look bad, these guys that this guy that asked you questions, you couldn’t.
00:03:01 These guys that that’s gonna performed miracles, that confounded all your theological explanations. He’s finally going to be gotten rid of for good. If you were a disciple of Jesus if you had been touched by.
00:03:16 The ministry, if your eyes have been open, your child has been. If you’ve been fed by his multiplication of five loaves and two fish, it was a very confusing day.
00:03:26 In fact, if your name was Judas Iscariot, it was a.
00:03:30 Very scary day.
00:03:31 Because you betrayed Jesus, hoping that he would just walk through the.
00:03:38 Because he’s done it before, he had been taken up to be mountain to be.
00:03:41 Thrown down and he.
00:03:42 Just walked through.
00:03:44 So when you find that he is not walking through, you see him going from the garden to the scourging pillar and to the cross and going via delarosa. You must be absolutely confused, confounded, disillusioned, and wondering what is really going on. Because finally.
00:04:06 Was on that cross the God-man, the son of man, the son of God. The greatest mind that ever walked the earth.
00:04:15 The greatest healer, the greatest mender the greatest philosopher, the greatest sage, the greatest wise, the greatest intellect is hanging on that.
00:04:25 Because there was no guile in his mouth.
00:04:29 There was no deception in his life. There was number evil. There was no sin. All he did was he went everywhere, doing good, healing all who were oppressed of the devil, even those who were born with congenital situations born blind, born lying lame. There was no reason why this man.
00:04:50 Should be on that cross. If you were Satan and his minions and his demons, of course, it was glorious.
00:04:56 Day because finally you can take that dagger and drive it into the very heart of God.
00:05:03 Because this man claimed to be the son of God, this man claimed to be equal with God. This man claimed to hear from God.
00:05:11 This man said he did nothing but what he saw the father do that.
00:05:14 He, he, he.
00:05:15 Didn’t say anything except what the father said. So if you were certain it was a glorious day.
00:05:22 You are addressing jeering and cheering.
00:05:26 But for the followers of Jesus, was it that day? Unfortunately for the traditional church today, Black Friday remains a dark day.
00:05:37 In fact, it used to be referred to as a Good Friday. Sorry, used to be referred to as Black Friday. Can you imagine that?
00:05:46 It was the worst day in human history, the only man.
00:05:52 Without sin, we only man that was born without the Union of male and female gamits the man unpolluted, uncontaminated by the sin of Adam, is hanging on that cross. It was a great day of betrayal and abandonment.
00:06:13 Who hath swung? I will die for you, Jesus, when Jesus told.
00:06:18 Them you will deny me Christ.
00:06:20 He was nowhere to be found. All the disciples, all the apostles, in fact, the mob chose above Jesus, a convicted criminal insurrectionist terrorist called Barabbas. The pain of rejection, if you’ve ever been rejected in your life, Jesus knows what that feels like.
00:06:42 It was a day of mockery.
00:06:44 They crowned him with thorns. They closed them with purple and in mocking they knelt before him, saying Hail, King of the Jews.
00:06:52 What they didn’t realise that whether in mockery or in reality, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess to the glory of God the father, that Jesus is Lord, a gay of great suffering, intense suffering.
00:07:05 Every face in the garden, sweating blood like sweat. The crowning of France, that crowning of France alone was enough to send the average man into shock.
00:07:18 This cordian is unimaginable. You have no idea what that feels like. But let me say this.
00:07:26 That day turned out to be the greatest day in.
00:07:31 Thank you for watching magnificent obsession. Remember the creator of the universe wants to have a vibrant relationship with you.
00:07:40 Find out how WhatsApp or telegram +2781306633.
00:07:50 To become a remnant warrior, visit W Dot allou George Ministries dot.
00:07:56 E-mail or send an e-mail to admin at allude George Ministries Dot Global. Thank you for watching. See you next time.

Olu George

Olu George

Olu is a lover and messenger of Jesus Christ. He writes, co-pastors (Jesus House for All Nations) and speaks (through all available media) to his generation and beyond from his beautiful City of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.

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Olu is a lover and messenger of Jesus Christ. He writes, co-pastors (Jesus House for All Nations) and speaks (through all available media) to his generation and beyond from his beautiful City of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.

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